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Vinyltrax® is a solid industrial tile that allows you to make your floor look sleek, bold and durable. A revolutionary solid industrial tile that offers realistic hardwood grains and patterns for transforming your showroom, garage, trade show booth or event floor with premium commercial grade vinyl flooring solution.

These floor tiles are currently used by major brands such as John Deere, Ford and are very popular for events. 

They offer the look of real wood flooring or laminate, but at a fraction of the cost and are extremely quick and easy to install. 
Perfect for events or garage showrooms due to their robustness and exceptional design. The quality aspect of this product optimizes your brand image.
It has never been easier to transform your floor. Our imitation wood floor is extremely realistic and can be ordered in an array of wood effects. Our newest Vinyltrax tile inlay are polished concrete and marble effects, both in different colour tone options. This can be integrated with all of our other tiles and can separate a large floor space into sections. Product images and installations  to come soon. 
Some uses and integrations of these with other tiles can be seen in our gallery, wood effect or polished concrete with Ribtrax areas for parking, creating visual appeal and separation. 
  • Showrooms
  • Trade Shows & Event Floors
  • Commercial
  • Home
  • Gym
  • Garage

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