Our range of tiles are suitable for a number of residential applications including garages, home gyms and more.


Our Ribtrax and Ribtrax Smooth tiles are perfect to keep your unit clean and present your vehicles the best way possible.


All of our tiles are hard wearing with a lifetime guarantee, making them suitable for a range of commercial uses.


Our range of tiles are perfect for an impressive selection of uses for Gyms of any size.

Events & Showrooms

No matter the event or showroom, our range of hard wearing tiles not only transform your event space or showroom but also offer a lifetime guarantee.

Elite Modular Flooring

It's not just about looking cool. Engineered from the ground up to provide exceptional performance, Swisstrax tiles are an investment. They transform your space by increasing safety, reducing fatigue, protecting your floor and reflecting your personal style. Low quality floor tiles focus on delivering the lowest price possible and are prone to breaking, cracking and fading. We don’t focus on price per square metre, we focus on delivering interlocking tiles that last a lifetime with industrial grade design and materials.

Swisstrax Tiles


Ribtrax is a revolutionary tile that combines a striking, eye-catching design with unmatched functionality. It is the most versatile and durable tile style in our collection with various colour options available.

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Ribtrax Smooth

Ribtrax Smooth is an innovative new addition to our most popular tile style and features the appeal of a smooth and even surface. It has never been easier to transform your space with our modular tiles.

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Diamondtrax Home

Diamondtrax Home is a solid tile that features a classic diamond plate appearance. Easy to clean and built to last. It’s never been easier to transform your floor with a premium, residential-grade modular flooring solution.

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Realistic hardwood grains, carbon fibre patterns and marble effect tiles. It’s never been easier to transform your showroom, garage, trade show booth or event floor with a premium, commercial grade vinyl floor tile.

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Choose from thousands of images, patterns, colors, or provide your own for a custom tile made to withstand the demands of both residential and commercial environments. Personalize your style or promote your brand.

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